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Video packages

We are excited to be offering video for your big day! Highlight and full, in-depth videoes come with liscensed music, all day coverage up to 10 hours and professional editing and coloring. 

Get to know the videographers.
We work with many amazing artists based in the PNW. 

Why Not Nate Creatives

Nate has been doing videography for years. Nate is an incredibly talented artist whose videography and love for music is simply stunning. With his ability to capture moments and create visual masterpieces, he combines this with his passion for music, the result is nothing short of breathtaking. Nate has a unique ability to evoke emotion and tell a story through his artistry, leaving his viewers captivated and in awe. His talent is not just skill, but also comes from the heart, and that is what truly sets him apart as an artist. He captures human emotion creativly and never misses a moment! 

wedding videographer

Jack & Alyssa

Desirea Navarro 

Desirea's DRONE videography beautifully captures the merging of landscapes and people. The way she combines the natural surroundings with human subjects is truly impressive, creating a stunning visual experience. Her videos showcase the beauty of nature while also highlighting the energy and unique perspectives that people bring to the scene. Through Desirea's lens, the landscape comes alive with a sense of connection and vibrancy. She truly has a gift for capturing the essence of both the environment and human connection. 

wedding videographer

Forest Drone

Jen & Dylan

Bruno Pozo

Based in Bend, Oregon

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Videography Packages and Pricing


Wedding package 1

10-15 minute highlight video of the full day. Includes licensed music, professional editing and coloring




Wedding package 2

 15-20 minute in depth video of the full day. Includes licensed music, professional editing and coloring, professional audio of ceremony and speeches (bride, groom, and officiant will be mic’dup if wanted, as well as any speeches that are wished to be recorded)



Wedding package 3

Get both package 1 & 2 as well as a full recording of just the ceremony with audio, all speeches. Second shooter will be present to ensure we don’t miss a single shot. Video could run long with the goal to give you a full day “movie quality” wedding film




Additional Drone Videography

10-15 minute highlight video of the full day with drone shots. Includes licensed music, professional editing and coloring



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